After Auto Glass Repair Care

How to care for your auto glass after repair or replacement

Here are some helpful tips to keep your auto glass repair in excellent condition.

Open your car windows.  Vent your car by opening one window slightly before closing the car doors for 24 hours.  This allows air to escape and lessens the pressure on the new seal.

Hold off on the car wash! We recommend NOT washing your car for 7 days after you’ve had your windshield replaced. Doing so allows the seal to set fully. Rain and hand-washing your car will not affect the seal.

Avoid abrasives. Please do not use abrasive cleaners, such as those with ammonia or alcohol, for 48 hours.

Windshield stickers. We will transfer the registration and inspection stickers whenever possible. While we take every effort to transfer stickers carefully know that if we cannot remove the sticker from your broken windshield you will have to have your car re-inspected to get a new sticker for your windshield.

Taped moldings.  Newer cars often have glue-on moldings and to ensure they stay in place until the adhesives are set we apply tape to hold them in place.  Do not remove this tape for 24 hours.  You can remove it yourself, and should any of the tape adhesive remain you can remove it with a light solvent and soft cloth.

Beware of broken glass.  Occasionally we need to break the windshield to remove it.  We always thoroughly vacuum cars if there is any indication of broken glass but you may find some small pieces of glass once your car has been moving. Please bring your car back to our shop and we will gladly vacuum it again for you.

EZPass.  If you have an EZPass block please do NOT attach it to your new windshield for 24 hours.

Find out more about our auto glass replacement and windshield repair services. We also offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement service.