Prevent Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks are not uncommon. There are many ways that a car or truck windshield can become cracked, though it is most often attributed to debris or gravel hitting the windshield at a high rate of speed. Other things that can cause a crack in your windshield include effects of the weather including hail, extreme changes in outside temperatures, and direct sunlight. And, of course, accidents can also cause a windshield to crack.

Here are some ways to help prevent getting a crack in your windshield:

Avoid following trucks with uncovered beds too closely to keep clear of any fly-away debris.
Often times trucks with uncovered beds are carrying items are filled close to or to the top. This makes the chances of something flying out of the truck more likely. By not following these trucks too closely or moving to another lane if possible, you can avoid a possible windshield hit.

If possible keep your vehicle indoors.
To avoid stress cracks in your windshield, if you're able to, keep your car in a garage or other structure to avoid any extreme weather, especially during the height of the winter and summer seasons, when temperatures can fluctuate greatly.

Cover your car.
If you don't use your car for long periods of time, whether left outside or in, it's a good idea to cover your car. This helps to keep the sunlight and other elements from doing any damage.

If a storm is approaching, seek shelter.
If you know a storm is coming or it begins to hail while you're in your vehicle, look for shelter such as an indoor parking garage or under an overpass, stop and wait it out.

Examine your windshield on a regular basis.
It's important to carefully look over your windshield on a regular basis, especially if you suspect it was hit by debris. Catching a windshield chip early can give you time to repair the windshield and avoid having the chip turn into larger cracks.

Take care to repair or replace.
If you do get a windshield crack, it is important to have the windshield repaired or replaced. Windshield repair can be quick and easy if it's a relatively small crack. If a windshield crack is larger than a quarter or there is debris inside the crack, it often can't be, or shouldn't repaired and the windshield will need to be replaced. Many insurances will allow a claim to be submitted for repair depending upon your deductible.

If you experience a windshield crack that makes your car un-driveable, a mobile auto glass repair service will come to you to repair or replace your windshield.

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