Winter Tire
Winter tire

Put your car’s winter boots on

If you haven’t put your snow tires on now is the time to do it.  Don’t be caught with a big snow leaves you driving with tires that can’t manage 2” or more of snow.   If you use chains, be sure they’re in the trunk and you know how to put them on.





check oil and other engine fluids
Check oil and other engine fluids

Get a mini tune-up

Be sure to give your car a mini-tune up – change the oil along the oil and air filter, check the transmission and coolant fluid levels, test brakes and inspect front and rear lights.  Be sure your check engine light is working appropriately.





Check the battery, clean terminals
Check the battery, clean terminals

Check your battery

Either during your engine check-up or separately, ensure your battery is charging properly, especially if it is three years old or older.  Cold starts can be hard on your car, and a good battery will make turning on your car easier.  





Change windshield wipers
Change windshield wipers

Change your windshield wipers

Whether you prefer winter blades or not, invest in a new pair now – before winter gets underway.  Ice on your windshield can quickly deteriorate your wipers therefore having a pair that is fresh to start the season means you’ll  likely make through the winter with a clear windshield.





Add low-temperature windshield washer fluid
Add low-temperature windshield washer fluid

Use low-temperature rated washer fluid

Fill your washer fluid reservoirs with low-temperature rated fluid specially formulated to resist freezing and help to keep your windshield and wipers from clogging with slush and ice.




Don't be caught short this winter.  With just a few steps you can feel confident that your car is ready to meet Ol' Man Winter on the roads.


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