Winter can bring havoc to car owners. From snow covered, frozen exteriors to cold, damp interiors, Winter is often the most cursed time of years for cars.

Here are four quick tips you may not know that can make winter car care just a little bit easier.

Matches for warming car key

Frozen lock?  Keep a book of matches with you (often easier for the ladies as they stash easily in a purse!).  Heat just the metal key portion with a match and insert it into the lock.  The heat from the warm key should melt the frozen tumblers.  If you have a key fob be sure to heat just the metal key.  Heating the fob could damage the remote locking mechanism not to mention damage the plastic exterior.



Rubbing alcohol and water for a de-icing solution

De-frost your windshield.  The quickly, easily, safest way to de-ice your windshield is with a simple rubbing alcohol formula.   Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol with 1 part water in a spray bottle shake and you are ready to go.  Since rubbing alcohol has a very low freezing point you can keep this bottle in your car all winter without worrying about it freezing and splitting the bottle.






treated windshield for better visibility

Keep a clear view. When your windshield is clean and dry apply a windshield treatment such as RainX, Invisible Glass,  Aquapel or other similar product.  This coating is not visible but ice, sleet, snow and rain bead up and won’t stick to the windshield.  Flower City Glass can treat your windshield with Aquapel  when we repair or replace your car’s windshield




Rubber floor mat

Go ahead, wipe your feet. Replace carpet floor mats with rubber floor mats in the winter.  Snow and slush melt into carpet and the mats that soak up and retain the water.  The resulting moisture can create a fog on the inside of your windshield as your car heats up and can seriously limit your vision. In addition, salt and sand can get ground into your carpet mat and is difficult to clean.  Rubber floor mats allow you to shake them dry quite easily and dry on their own fast and are easy to clean.




Knowing tips like these can make a big difference to you and your car this winter!

Don't forget Flower City Glass for your next windshield repair or replacement.  We accept all auto insurances and most repairs or replacements are fully covered by standard insurance policies.  Visit for these and other great auto care tips. 

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