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replacement windows

Increase Home Value with Replacement Windows

Having replacement windows installed in your home is one of the most valuable residential improvements you can make.

glass door for your home

Selecting the Right Type of Glass Door for Your Home

When deciding what type of glass door to buy, it’s important to take some time and do a thorough walk through of your home. Read more...

glass table top

How to Create a Custom Glass Table Top with Flower City Glass

Modern, minimalist, sleek designs are very popular in interior design. Have you thought about incorporating this look into your home? Consider a cu...

Replacement Windows

What to Know About Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacing windows in a home is often put off. It can be seen by homeowners as an expensive endeavor and therefore it's avoided until it absolutely ...

Low E Glass

Low-E Glass for Windows

Low-e glass coatings reduce the amount of ultra-violet and infrared light that passes through glass.

Shower Glass

How to Keep Shower Glass Clean

If you own a glass shower, then you’re no stranger with the frustration that comes along with keeping the glass clean.

Caring for Your Windows in the Winter

Caring for Your Home's Windows in the Winter

Winter is again upon us and caring for your windows in the winter is even more important for those who live in colder climates. If not properly care..

Summer Window Care

Summer Window Care

The start of a new season means starting a new care regime to keep your windows clean and in top-notch condition – even during the summer. By tak...

Newspaper to Clean Glass

The Best (And Most Unexpected Way) to Clean Glass

Windex, soap, water, cloths and rags, sure, they get the job done. But is it the best way to clean your glass? Well, that’s debatable.

Green Window Cleaning

Green Cleaning

If you’re environmentally conscious, or even if you’re not, maybe now isn’t a bad time to give green cleaning a try.

Window Cleaning Made Easy

Window Cleaning Made Easy

Achieve a professional window cleaning look easily using 4 simple items and 3 quick steps

Window screen cleaning

Window and Door Screen Care: Part 2 Cleaning

Window and door screens get very little credit for the important role they play in keeping pests out while allowing fresh air in. Screens ensure tha

Worn Window Screen

Window and Door Screen Care: Part 1 Common Screen Problems

Window and Door Screen Care:  Window and door screens get very little credit for the important role they play in keeping pests out while allowing ...

Choosing the right shower glass

Choosing the Right Shower Glass

Whether you’re swapping out shower glass for an existing shower or doing a complete bathroom renovation, selecting the right shower glass is an i...