Decorative Glass / Art Glass

Decorative Glass from Flower City Glass

Flower City Glass carries many different types of decorative glass products that are used in a variety of residential applications.  Decorative glass is used in cabinets, glass shelves, back splashes, glass railings, shower doors and for any other use where decorative glass can add splash to a space.  There are standard, readily available decorative glass types such as rain, seeded, frosted, fluted, obscured, Aquatex, ground, Pattern 62 and more. 

We are adept at getting specialty decorative glass types that have almost limitless options of texture, color, opacity and other decorative properties that designers love to work with.  We specialize in the proper use and application of glass, knowing when glass should be tempered for health and safety.   We sell decorative glass material only or installed depending on use. 

There is no other material that has the look and feel of glass and look of decorative glass can be the perfect accent to your home.  Let our experienced staff go over the different glass types and come to our showroom and to see all what decorative glass we stock for the best possible value.

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