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Benefits of Commercial Glass Panel Systems

Looking to give your office a new look? 

Whether you frequently welcome new customers inside or stick to mostly behind-the-scenes work, upgrading your building’s appearance comes with plenty of benefits. 

Done right, an enhanced glass panel system can transform the look and feel of your commercial property and make a sleek, modern impression right away. 

Glass paneling is available in a variety of finishes and configurations, making it the perfect way to accent a commercial building’s interior or improve a building’s architectural glass exterior. 

We can install aluminum insulated panels in almost any desired color that give any commercial property a fresh design. Clear or frosted acrylic and polycarbonate panels look great and can be fully customized with brand imagery for additional decorative purposes, as well.

The visual benefits speak for themselves. Your workspace or storefront will look much better than before, but there are quite a few additional advantages to upgrading your commercial glass panel systems: 

Soundproof Commercial Glass 

We can install specialty glass for acoustical properties where soundproofing is needed. Whether your building requires curved or irregularly shaped glass, the soundproofing will limit distractions at work or prevent outside noise from disrupting conversations with clients. 

Improved Energy Efficiencies  

Translucent glass panel systems are great for welcoming natural light and achieving superior energy performance. Architects love this style of glass paneling not only because of its versatility and look, but because it results in a greener, more energy-efficient building. 

Boost Company Morale 

Your employees will feel appreciated if you show you care about their work environment. They’ll likely enjoy the upgrades, too. And the natural light offered by these glass panel systems will surely improve the mood at work and encourage productivity. 

We have experience installing everything from commercial skylights to custom glass railings. Contact Flower City Glass if you’re looking to upgrade your commercial glass paneling or want to request a quote for any kind of commercial glass installation.