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Flower City Glass has provided and installed stone panels for exterior and interior applications. Stone panels are a lightweight option to have real stone on the face of a building without having the need for heavy structure. 

The Stone panels we provide are made from a thin outside layer of real stone laminated to a honeycomb panel that can be mounted to or hung off of almost any substrate.

There are several different types of actual stone that can be used like Limestone, sandstone, and granite. Stone panels provide an elegant timeless architectural look of real stone without having to hire stone masons.  Stone panels are custom designed, fabricated and installed to meet or exceed project requirements.  Flower City Glass has the expertise to provide stone panels from concept to completion.

Stone panels are used for variety of application. It is suitable for exterior and interior applications. It is often most economical choice because it is installed directly over the existing cladding without the need for demolition or reinforcing the building structure. The panels retain their natural beauty and remain durable overtime. 

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