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Operable and Fixed Windows for Commercial Buildings

Operable Commercial Windows

Many institutional facilities have a need for operable windows that open to allow fresh air to enter spaces.

Operable windows can open in a few different methods. Double or single hung windows operate by lifting a bottom sash with a balance system to carry the weight of the window sash. Projected windows can either open in or out as a casement that is side hinged or awning or hopper that is top or bottom hinged. These operation of projected window can be with friction hinges or roto operators.

Sliding windows are just that, they slide open in one or both directions on rollers. Commercial Window framing is typically with aluminum extrusions because of its structural integrity and ability to hold a painted or anodized finishes. Although wood and fiberglass framing is being used more and more because of they have better thermal performance.

Fixed Commercial Windows

These windows are fixed and cannot be opened. Even if a building has operable windows, they may have spaces for windows that are fixed including lobbies or other locations in which an operable window may not be needed or safe. This includes commercial skylights and other windows that provide the opportunity for more natural light in a structure.

Commercial Window Installation and Repair

Flower City Glass is well versed in evaluating commercial window performance according to AAMA and other industry measures for structural and thermal performance as well as air and water resistance. We know what windows are fit for particular applications and have trained experienced mechanics to install windows in new construction or complex retrofit replacement projects. In addition, our expert services includes commercial glass replacement as well as window repair and replacement. Flower City Glass is a proven contractor that has experience in any commercial window application.

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