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Aluminum Entrance Doors

Flower City Glass is a leader in commercial aluminum entrance doors. We have partnered with major door suppliers to bring you the best quality and variety in aluminum entrances and hardware packages to meet your project specifications and offer you alternatives for superior performance.

Aluminum entrance door packages can be as simple as a single door and frame with monolithic (1 piece) or insulated safety glass, standard push bar and pull handle, standard maximum security lock with cylinders, threshold, and surface mount door closers.

Following are aluminum door specifications:

Aluminum Door Frames

Aluminum door frames can be configured with glass on either side or both sides of door (side lites) and/or glass above the door (transom).

1-3/4" x 4-1/2" to accept ¼" Glass

2" x 4-1/2" to accept 1" Glass

If you need a standard or custom entrance, Flower City Glass is ready to assist you with our knowledge and experience to guide without adding unnecessary, costly add ons.

Aluminum Door Stiles (the actual door extrusions) can range from:

Narrow Stile - with 2-1/2" Vertical rails, 3" Top rail, and 4-1/2" Bottom rails

Medium Stile - with 4" Vertical, and Top rail, and 8” Bottom Rails

Wide Stile - with 5-1/2" Vertical and Top Rails, and 8" Bottom rails

Horizontal Cross rails are available from 1-3/4"-8"

Standard sizes - Door opening sizes only add framing to obtain actual frame size.

Single Doors - 3' x 7', 3'-6" x 7'

Pairs of Doors - 6' x 7'

Finishes - Clear (Silver) and Bronze (Brown) Anodized Aluminum are readily available.

A variety of painted finishes are available at a premium and additional lead times.

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