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Caulking & Sealants

Flower City Glass has the most technical expertise when it comes to selecting the right sealants for any window, skylight, door or panel application.

Our mechanics have been trained in the proper use and application for silicone exterior caulking, structural sealants, set tapes for use windows, doors, composite panels, skylight in addition to other exterior building substrates.

Selecting the correct product to use for sealing is as important as the product needing to be sealed. Equally as important is having trained skillful technicians who know how to properly use the sealants and have training on the sequence and steps of sealing new products or resealing existing buildings exterior faces.

Exterior caulk joints that are old, worn and not functional can lead to unwanted water penetration that creates many other issues in building systems. Flower City Glass is the contractor of choice for knowing how to deal with recaulking worn out building sealants. We will take steps to identify how best to deal with problem and we regularly trouble shoot building water penetration issues for building owners and managers.

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