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Architectural Metal Panels

Flower City Glass uses metal panels to build cost effective and reliable envelopes for commercial applications.

Architectural metal panels are used for cladding system to provide a weathertight building envelope. The main advantage of using metal panels is its versatility used for roof cladding and wall cladding.

Some applications where metal panels are used include:

  • industrial buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • multi-story buildings and more.

Metal building panels can be made from aluminum or steel and can be made in many different shapes, sizes, colors or patterns. They are typically a non insulated or single skin of metal used for an exterior skin of a building fa├žade, soffit or used as a decorative element. With kynar painted finishes, almost any imaginable color is available.

Architectural Metal panel systems are designed for concealed or exposed anchorage and are relatively simple to install and provide a cost effective way to dress up a building and provide long lasting low maintenance building skin. Let the team at Flower City Glass provide the metal panels for your next project.

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