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Architectural Glass is the glass used in commercial buildings for exterior commercial windows or glass used in any exterior curtainwall, storefront, or architectural window systems.

In the Northeast US we are required to use insulated glass units for exterior window systems along with Low E coated glass to meet energy code. There are many different standard tint glass, reflective coatings, hard coat and soft coated Low E's that can achieve a powerful look with a comfortable feel to maximize the balance of letting in natural light while maximizing the energy efficiency with glass.

Glass performance is measured by a few attributes that are commonly used to evaluate the properties of any type of insulated glass unit. U factor is the primary well know way to evaluate glass for energy performance. However that is only one unit of measure of how a glass performs. Visible Light Transmission, Solar Heat Gain, Shading Coefficient, Condensation Resistance Factor and several others attributes are often needed by designers to determine the probable heat or cooling loads by engineers to size the heating and cooling equipment needed for a building.

Flower City Glass has been assisting designers in the glass selection process. We work with Architectural Glass fabricators and manufacturers on the current product options and capabilities in order to recommend the right product options to achieve the best possible performance with market value.

At Flower City Glass we have seen the evolution of architectural glass used in modern commercial buildings. Our experience has been valuable to understand which products are viable long term performers and which products to avoid. Choose Flower City Glass to assist in your next project in either design assist or to be your installer of choice.

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