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Choosing the Right Shower Glass

Whether you’re swapping out shower glass for an existing shower or doing a complete bathroom renovation, selecting the right shower glass is an important decision. You’ll find there are many styles, colors, even thicknesses, to choose from. Our team works with homeowners every day to help them select the right shower glass product for their shower. Here are some helpful tips from our shower glass experts:

Start by selecting the shower glass thickness.

Shower glass is commonly available in 3/8” or 1 /2” thicknesses.

  • 1 /2” glass is thicker and heavier, and contributes a luxurious feel to a shower. Premium hotels often use this thickness of glass. It is also more expensive. 
  • 3/8” glass is slightly thinner. We often recommend 3/8” glass for frameless showers.

Next, choose your shower glass style.

This is where the decision making gets a little harder. The good news is that there’s a wide variety of shower glass styles to choose from so you are sure to find one that’s right for your bathroom.

Clear glass options:

Yes, even clear glass has options! Standard glass, while fully transparent, has a natural green tint, which you can see on the edges, due to the iron content in the glass. Low iron glass is brighter and has a clear-white edge and we suggest it for those who truly want a crisp, transparent look to their shower.

Clear (standard) shower glass on bottom; Starphire shower glass on top

Patterned glass options:

There are dozens of shower glass patterns to consider if you want to add a design element to your shower. From patterns like rain and Glue Chip to Bubble and Etched there are plenty of options. Rain and obscure patterns are the most common but be sure to look at several before you decide. Patterned glass has the added benefit of not showing water stains as much as clear glass can.

Glue Chip, Rain, Bubble, Etched, Low Iron, and Clear Shower Glass

Heavy Art shower glass options:

Bring a dramatic flair to your bathroom with heavy art glass for your shower. Heavy glass patterns offer varying levels of visual privacy and are easier to keep looking clean when compared to clear glass.

Tinted shower glass options:

Tinted shower glass is also an option. Tinted glass isn’t as popular at patterned or clear glass however it is available in colors like bronze, smoke, light blue and opaque.

ShowerGuard Shower Glass:

Guardian, one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers, has a shower product call ShowerGuard Glass. This glass is manufactured with a patented coating that protects against hard water, heat, humidity, soap and cleanser damage, and never needs to be reapplied. They guarantee to keep your shower clean looking for the life of your shower. ShowerGuard comes in clear and low iron glass styles as well.

ShowerGuard Clear Shower Glass
ShowerGuard Low Iron Shower Glass

You’ll have many questions when considering the right shower glass for your bathroom. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions you can refer to for insights. Taking your time to select the right shower glass thickness and style will pay off by bringing you years of enjoyment in a room you are in everyday!