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Flower City Glass Makes and Installs Covid Barriers

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, glass or plexiglass barriers have become more important than ever.  Flower City Glass has installed numerous protective barriers in several offices.  With a custom made barrier you can limit the spread of pathogens like those that cause the flu, common cold and coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Sneeze guards are commonly made of three materials:

  • Plexiglass - It is made of acrylic, light weight and more scratch resistant than Lexan shields. Plexiglass shields are known to UV damage (yellowing) but are stronger than standard glass.
  • Lexan – It is similar to plexiglass; it is made of polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. It is more flexible than plexiglass or regular glass.
  • Tempered Glass - For more permanent applications glass may be a better option because of its stability and strength over plexiglass and Lexan .

The choice of material depends on the location of installation.  Tempered glass is used commonly when the installation is permanent.  But, if your desired installation is not permanent you may consider a Lexan or plexiglass shield, as both alternatives are easier to move.