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Green Window Cleaning

by Melissa Asento

If you’re environmentally conscious, or even if you’re not, maybe now isn’t a bad time to give green cleaning a try.

Though many cleaning product companies swear to you that they can offer the next best glass cleaning solution guaranteed to leave your glass streak-free, the truth is you can easily home-remedy a great solution on your own. Vinegar and water (4oz vinegar to 12oz of water) has proven to be just as effective, if not more so than any store-bought product.

From dirt, buildup, residue, hair products and much more, vinegar and water can scrub it all away seamlessly, all while being environmentally-friendly.

It’s as simple as spraying the vinegar solution onto the entire surface, rubbing vigorously with a towel to remove any stubborn buildup and letting the surface air dry. Then, once it has dried, dry the surface once more with an unused, dry cotton towel – microfibers typically tend to add more link due to their sticky nature. The last dry off with the towel will remove any streaks or water marks.

Window cleaning with non-toxic ingredients and reusable cloths can protect your health, preserve resources and gain a streak-free view.