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How to Clean Your Glass Without Lint Residue

A common frustration when it comes to glass cleaning is the pesky lint or cloudy film that is left once the glass has dried. Well, avoiding these nuisances is much easier than you may think. It really all comes down to the right glass cleaner and cloth.

The best solutions for glass cleaning are ammonia-based cleaners, like Windex for example. Or, a half-and-half combined solution of water and vinegar is just as effective. Unlike harsher chemicals like bleach or soap, ammonia and vinegar will not leave behind streak marks or that cloud-like film.

Now, to avoid the lint.

Paper towels are an easy go-to whenever you’re cleaning glass. But, that right there is your problem. Paper towel is the number one culprit of leaving behind streaks and lint. Paper towels are typically treated for absorbency, which makes them ideal for spills, but awful for glass cleaning.

Instead, substitute your paper towels for something more practical, like actual cloth. Lint-free cotton cloths, like microfiber cloths are great options for glass cleaners. Price-friendly, versatile and guaranteed to leave your surfaces lint-free.