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How to Create a Custom Glass Table Top with Flower City Glass

Modern, minimalist, sleek designs are very popular in interior design. Have you thought about incorporating this look into your home? Designing your desk, coffee table, end table, dining room or kitchen table has never been easier. If you're looking for a simple switch that makes a big impact this is the perfect option. Flower City Glass is happy to help you through the process of creating a custom glass table top all we need from you is a simple pattern for your custom glass. Keep reading to learn how to cut this pattern.

We are happy to provide you with a piece of kraft paper, just have an approximate idea of the size table.

1. Cut a few small holes in the middle of the paper and use painters tape to tape the paper to the surface of the top. Once you have the paper secure you are ready to begin the pattern.

2. Take the yellow barrel of the pencil and rub it along the sides of the paper at the edge of the top.

3. DO NOT cut the pattern out.

4. Roll up the craft paper with your name on it in black marker and bring it into Flower City Glass.

After you bring the pattern we will take a piece of glass and cut it based on the pattern you provide. 

After you bring the pattern we will take a piece of glass and cut it based on the pattern you provide. We have polishing machines that grind the edges of the glass for a great finished look and can also do custom edge work if you desire a beveled edge on your glass table top. Our professional glass installers will deliver, set up and clean your glass project, which can come in handy for those extra-large glass table tops. Learn more about our custom glass services.

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