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How to Keep Shower Glass Clean

by Leslie Serdenia

If you own a glass shower, then you’re no stranger with the frustration that comes along with keeping the glass clean.

Despite your best efforts, removing shower glass of streaks, soap scum and water marks can sometimes seem near impossible. However, there are some glass shower hacks for you to consider the next time you want to make it sparkle.

White Vinegar

Vinegar can work all sorts of magic, including cleaning your shower. A combination of one-part white vinegar and one-part water is all it takes to scrub down your glass and get it to shine again. After thoroughly rubbing the glass with a sponge, just let it sit for about 10 minutes before drying off with paper towel.

…Add Baking Soda!

Vinegar is the not-so-secret ingredient to shower success. A combination of vinegar with baking soda can also solve your shower glass problems. Adding the two into a container, wait until the mixture becomes paste-like. Then carefully apply the paste to the shower doors, let sit for 10-15 minutes and squeegee off with a warm sponge.

Rain Repellent

Not so surprisingly, rain repellent works as the perfect shower cleaner to repel any build up or residue that may be dirtying your shower. The rain repellent helps to stop water from sticking to the door, which means it will take a longer period of time for dirt and grime to build up.