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How to Know When You Should Replace Your Windows

If you’re not paying attention closely enough, you may not realize that your home windows are in need of a replacement. Home windows, especially older ones, are especially communicative when it comes to sending signs that something just isn’t right.Windows can still operate well while still having underlying problems, so it’s important to be conscientious and watch for these red flag signs.

Check for Damage

If you notice any warping, breakage or noticeable damage, it may be time to replace your windows. Some tell-tale signs of window damage include internal fog, drafts, stickiness or refusing to stay open. If any of these sound familiar, repairing your home windows is a smart and safe decision. However, if there are only minor damages, like simply needing new hardware, repairs can be done.

Renovating an Old Home

Moving into a new home is exciting. Moving into an old home, however, can come with some repercussions. While older homes are beautiful and have more character than that of a newer, modern home, they also come with the risk of some faulty window treatments. If you’re moving into or renovating a historic home, pay close attention to the condition of the windows. Chances are the older the windows, the more damage there may be.

Increase in Energy Bills

Windows that let drafts in can cause your energy bills to rise anywhere from 10 to 25 percent. If you’re noticing chilly drafts, or more importantly, an increase in your energy bills, consider replacing your windows. Energy efficient windows can help to reduce both your heating and cooling bills.

Outside Noise

When your windows are fully shut and you’re still hearing a significant amount of outside noise, chances are your windows are no longer providing the acoustic insulation that they should. Of course some noises are bound to be heard from the outside, but if there’s an excessive amount of noise, your windows could use replacing.