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Increase Home Value with Replacement Windows

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve the look of their property and increase its value. Major renovations like bathroom remodels, kitchen updates, and room additions are great value boosters, but don’t neglect your home’s windows.

If your windows are old, wearing down, or causing any kind of energy concern, replacing them is a great move that will result in a better-looking home, improved energy efficiencies, and increased resale value.

After you replace your windows, you’ll be able to enjoy new windows that are easy to operate and clean, provide heating and cooling benefits, and can positively reflect your home’s style.

Do Your Residential Windows Need Replacing?

Check for the following signs of aging to determine if you need replacement windows:

  • Draftiness – According to, air leaks in your residential windows can increase your home energy bills by as much as 20%. Since it can be difficult to tell when an individual window is drafty, pay attention to the curtains. If your curtains or drapery move when the window is closed, draftiness is likely the issue.
  • High energy bills – if your home’s windows are too old or aren’t functioning properly, your wallet is going to take a big hit. Make sure you’re addressing these issues as soon as possible. Replacing your windows is an upfront expense you’ll have to make, yes, but it will be well worth it in the long run.
  • Rot – Be sure to check along the top of your windows for moisture and leakage, which is the main cause of rot (and another warning sign). Additionally, if you notice any paint that looks wavy or bubbled, that could mean it’s time to look into upgrading your windows.
  • Sticky windows – You can attempt to fix sticky windows first but if it happens once, it’s likely going to happen again. If the issue is recurring, your best bet is to get your windows replaced.

Having replacement windows installed in your home is one of the most valuable residential improvements you can make. At Flower City Glass, we have experience replacing window glass in aluminum, steel, vinyl, and all types of wood frames.

If you are considering making this great investment, request a quote or contact us for more information!