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Keeping Your Windows and Sliding Glass Doors Clean During the Winter

by Leslie Serdenia

We are currently in the middle of the bitter cold winter months, which means one thing with regards to glass windows and doors: frost.

Believe it or not, there are quick and easy ways to prevent your windows, sliding glass doors and/or glass patio doors from frosting over, even on winter’s coldest days.

A mixture of one quart of warm water and half a cup of rubbing alcohol is the perfect solution to defrost your glass. Even if it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors, at least this home-remedy solution will clear the frost so you can enjoy the view of a beautiful winter storm from the warm and comfort of the inside.

It’s important to note that the water that you’re washing with should not be too hot. Using extremely hot water on extremely cold glass can actually cause more damage than good.

Another easy-fix solution is adding three-parts vinegar to one-part water. The mixture helps to avoid any ice attaching itself to your windows and doors. Since vinegar contains acetic acid, it lowers the melting point of water and prevents water from freezing over.