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The Importance of Glass Window Maintenance

by Leslie Serdenia

Neglecting to take proper care of your windows can bring consequences including hardware failure, leaking and the inability to allow in sufficient light to name a few. Just like all-things electrical and mechanical, window maintenance is also a must.

Though there is no cut-and-dry method on window maintenance, there are a handful of things to look for to ensure your windows are still in prime shape or decide if it's time to invest in a new window or replacement glass.

Inspect the Fit of the Window Glass

Exposure to increasing and decreasing temperatures can actually cause the glass in the frame to expand and/or contract. In turn, the fit of the glass in the window will inevitably loosen, causing drafts and other inconveniences.

During your window maintenance inspection, search for any gaps that may have formed. Catching it early on will help to avoid potential moisture damage.

Time to Consider Weatherproofing

The weather can be unpredictable, but with the proper glass maintenance techniques, you can be prepared for all of the nuances that come with the changing weather. Seals are a good idea to cover gaps – especially during the cold winter months to ensure that no heat is escaping and cool air isn’t coming in. Gaps in the glass can make your HVAC system inefficient, that’s why inspecting the fit of the glass in the window frame is one of the first most important steps.\

Complete a Thorough Inspection of your Windows

If you’re noticing any cracks, scratches, breakage, condensation or any other peculiar activity around your glass windows, that could indicate some sort of bigger issue. It’s important to monitor the behavior of the glass and inspect for any problems so you can address these early on and avoid any bigger issues.

And of course, CLEAN!

A last, but not always obvious step to maintaining your windows is to clean them thoroughly and properly. If you want to prolong the life and look of your glass windows, it’s important to clean them regularly. Harsh chemicals and abrasive materials can do more damage than good, so check out some of our other blog posts for window cleaning hacks.