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Tips for Selecting Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

As bathroom design becomes more sophisticated, options for glass showers increase. Glass enclosures are a popular option for showers as they look modern and can help a bathroom look larger than it is. And, if cared for properly, shower glass is also easier to maintain than other options. Following are some tips when selecting shower glass for your bathroom.

Select Your Shower Design

If you are designing a new bathroom layout, you would first need to decide on your shower design. Will the shower be a part of the bathtub, a walk in or a stall shower? If you’re updating an existing bathroom and maintaining the structure, your decision may be made for you. A complete remodel, even if keeping the shower in the same place, may give you some more options. For example, you may have the opportunity to turn a former bathtub and shower into a walk-in shower.

Framed Glass Shower vs Frameless Glass Shower

Once you determine your shower design, another item for consideration is whether you want a framed or frameless glass shower enclosure. This is primarily an aesthetic choice. Frameless glass shower enlcosures tend to look more modern. In general, frameless glass showers are easier to clean as soap and water won’t get trapped in the frame area. Framed shower do provide more stability to the structure.

Glass Shower Door vs Barrier Free

Another option for a glass shower enclosure is to include a shower door, or leave the entrance barrier free and open. Barrier free showers generally give the bathroom a more modern look. This choice can depend on your bathroom design and available drainage. If going with a barrier free entrance, it will be important that the shower slopes slightly down to the drain so that water remains in the shower area. Glass shower doors help to keep water from splashing from reaching other areas of the bathroom.

Type of Shower Glass

There are numerous types of shower glass to choose from. Clear glass helps to make the bathroom space feel bigger. Frosted, textured or patterned shower glass can help provide more privacy and also add design to the space.

Shower glass thickness will also need to be determined. The thickness of the glass depends on many factors including if you are installing a frameless vs framed shower, and also the size of the shower. The thicker the glass, the less framing needed.

Glass Shower Hardware

Along with the type of shower glass, you will need to select hardware for your glass shower. Hardware needed will depend on the type of doors your shower has – hinged vs sliding door as well as if it is a framed vs frames shower. There are numerous hardware finish options to choose from depending on the style of your bathroom and overall aesthetic.

Flower City Glass can customize based on the specifications and design of your bathroom. Contact us for more information. View some of the shower glass enclosures we have customized for our clients.