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What to Know About Operable Windows in Commercial Buildings

Now that summer is officialy upon us, you may notice that some of the windows in your commercial building have undergone some damage from all of the cold, rain, snow and sleet. Whether your windows are in need of repair or need to be replaced entirely, Flower City Glass can help.

Operable commercial glass windows are a popular choice amongst professional buildings and institutional facilities such as schools, universities, offices and hospitals. That’s because operable windows allow for ultimate ventilation, allowing you to open and close the window with ease for fresh air to pass into the building.

For convenience purposes, operable windows typically offer a unique locking system which allows for different opening options depending on how much or how little you’d like the window to be opened. These particular windows are the perfect choice for someone who prefers natural ventilation and more control over the temperature and breeze that operable windows allow.

It’s important to note that operable windows generally have a slightly higher price tag as they require periodic maintenance including weather-stripping, hinge repair and ensuring that the locking mechanisms continue to perform properly.

Benefits of operable windows include reduced utility costs (air conditioning), increase in natural sunlight, provides safety features, and they allow you to have more control the setting of your environment.