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Why Window Cleaning Is More Important Than You Think

by Leslie Serdenia

Having clean windows is what everyone loves to have but it’s not a process everyone loves to do. Since its not a task many people love to do, window cleaning gets neglected and is usually a miscellaneous chore. 

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Windows Clean

  1. You can save more energy! Even if you already have energy efficient windows you can save just a little more on that energy bill year-round. Removing dirt from your window surfaces can increase the amount of UV light entering your home to keep it warm. Dirty windows inhibit sunlight from entering your home, so keep those windows clean!

  2. Burning candles, cooking and even your fireplace can leave your home filled with many odors that can affect the health of your lungs and the smoke film from those in-home activities can leave a dirty film on your windows.

  3. You can be increasing the amount of dirt and microorganisms that can grow inside of your glass pores. Since glass is porous, if too much dirt builds up, your glass can become easily weakened and shattered.

Dirt isn’t the only culprit to glass degradation. Acid rain, mineral accumulation from hard water, oxidation from window screens and metal frames, paint, dry wall and more can be a reason to get your window cleanings done.