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Window and Door Screen Care: Part 1 Common Screen Problems

Window and door screens get very little credit for the important role they play in keeping pests out while allowing fresh air in. Screens ensure that not only those nasty biting insects are kept out but also those that tend to get in and create an insect village in your home – ladybugs come to mind. Screens also block large pollen and airborne debris from entering your house. While most screens are quite durable, they do need maintenance and repair to be able to do their job well. In this two part series we’ll cover proper window and door screen care.

Screen Holes

Nothing negates a screen’s value more than a hole. From scratching pets to playful children to simple cleaning, holes are easily made in screens leaving them less than effective in keeping bugs and debris out of your house. While patching the hole with a screen patch is an option, replacing the screen, especially if it was pushed on and therefore loose, is a better maintenance choice.

hole in window screen

Screen Age

Like everything else in your home, screens get tired and worn out. Wind, sun, heavy rains and snow take their toll on screens, often making them loose or degrading the screen material. Worn screens should be replaced before the screening separates from the frame or holes occur easily. Very old screens can rust, looking unsightly as well as being ineffective. These should be replaced.

Weather beaten screen

Screen Frame damage

The screen’s frame is its skeleton and when the framing is bent or broken it is obvious. Not all damaged frames need to be replaced. A window professional can often repair the frame and install new screening less expensively than a full replacement screen.

Broken screen frame

Old, torn or damaged screens create more of a nuisance issue than help in keeping bugs and debris out so timely repairs or replacements are in order to preserve your home’s value.