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Window Cleaning Myths: Rain Makes Your Home Windows Dirty

by Melissa Asento

For anyone who still believes rain is the culprit of your dirty residential windows, we’re here to silence that myth. Rain may potentially make an already dirty window appear dirtier, but that’s because there is already dirt or residue on that window.

The truth is that rain can help keep your windows cleaner, longer. It’s easy to get rainwater and groundwater confused. Rainwater is the one that gets the bad rap, when in reality, it’s the groundwater that’s causing your dirty windows. Because of the minerals, chemicals and particulates in groundwater, there’s a higher chance that it will leave spots.

There are two reasons for this; the first being that the chemicals and particulates in groundwater will remain after the water evaporates. This is why there are little white spots where the bead of water landed. Secondly, groundwater disturbs and loosens any dirt, dust or other residue that was previously present on the window.

Contrary to popular belief, rainwater is much purer and will not leave any spots when it evaporates – unless the object it lands on was already dirty. Rain helps to keep levels of particulate matter much lower, so if your windows are already clean, it will actually help to keep dirt and pollen from accumulating on the glass. It’s true, however, that too much or too little rain is never necessarily ‘good,’ but the right amount and frequency can certainly help to keep your windows clean.