Glass Framing Systems

Aluminum Glass Framing Systems

Aluminum framing systems for glass are widely used in retail, institutional, office and other commercial buildings to add natural light into space. Aluminum Storefront Systems, Glazed Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems, and Ribbon Windows are different types of framing that are stick built and fabricated in our local shop for quick turnaround and are readily available.

We have literally fabricated and installed miles of aluminum framed fixed windows for use in all building types.

All aluminum framing systems need to be installed as per the manufacturers’ instructions to ensure they are water tight and structurally sound. Different aluminum framing systems are needed for various applications depending on the desired size and configuration.

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Storefont Window Systems

Storefront Window Systems

Storefront window glazing systems are the most economical of the aluminum framing systems but will not work in larger spans because of structural and water resistance limitations. Learn more...


Curtainwall Windows

Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain Wall systems are more expensive framing systems but offer the most versatility and can be used to cover large areas if or entire building skin. Flower City Glass has an in-depth understanding of these systems to provide the Curtain Wall for the best performance and code compliance. Learn more...



Ribbon Windows

Ribbon Windows

Ribbon windows are typically used where there is a continuous run of windows. Often used in commercial office buildings, this window systems is versatile and cost-effective. Learn more...




Canopy Systems (Commercial Skylights)

Canopy Systems (Skylights)

Canopy systems or commercial skylights are a great way to allow more natural light into your business. Canopy systems can be installed on new or existing structural components. Learn more...




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