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commercial glass panel system

Benefits of Commercial Glass Panel Systems

Done right, an enhanced glass panel system can transform the look and feel of your commercial property and make a sleek, modern impression right away.

replacement windows

Increase Home Value with Replacement Windows

Having replacement windows installed in your home is one of the most valuable residential improvements you can make.

COVID barriers

Keep Your Business Safe With COVID Barriers

How COVID barriers can keep your commercial office safe and secure during the pandemic.

glass door for your home

Selecting the Right Type of Glass Door for Your Home

When deciding what type of glass door to buy, it’s important to take some time and do a thorough walk through of your home. Read more...

Glass Shower Doors

Tips for Selecting Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

As bathroom design becomes more sophisticated, options for glass shower doors increase. Glass doors are a popular option for showers...

Home with Clear Windows

How to Spring Clean Your Windows With These 4 Easy Tips

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to get started on those cleaning projects you’ve been putting off all Winter. One of the most tedious tasks ...

glass table top

How to Create a Custom Glass Table Top with Flower City Glass

Modern, minimalist, sleek designs are very popular in interior design. Have you thought about incorporating this look into your home? Consider a cu...

Glass Shower Door

Best Practices to Extend the Life of your Glass Shower Door

Best Practices to Extend the Life of your Glass Shower Door So you just installed a new glass shower door? Make sure you keep it looking as new as ...

glass shower doors

Why Choose A Glass Shower

If you're considering remodeling your home or are building a new home, instead of a traditional tub and shower, you may want to consider a glass sh...

Residential Windows

How to Know When You Should Replace Your Windows

If you’re not paying attention closely enough, you may not realize that your home windows are in need of a replacement.

Maintaining Window Glass

Why Window Cleaning Is More Important Than You Think

Having clean windows is what everyone loves to have but it’s not a process everyone loves to do. Since its not a task many people love to do, win...

Does Rain Make Windows Dirty

Window Cleaning Myths: Rain Makes Your Home Windows Dirty

For anyone who still believes rain is the culprit of your dirty windows, we’re here to silence that myth.

Replacement Windows

What to Know About Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacing windows in a home is often put off. It can be seen by homeowners as an expensive endeavor and therefore it's avoided until it absolutely ...

Low E Glass

Low-E Glass for Windows

Low-e glass coatings reduce the amount of ultra-violet and infrared light that passes through glass.

Shower Glass

How to Keep Shower Glass Clean

If you own a glass shower, then you’re no stranger with the frustration that comes along with keeping the glass clean.