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Does Rain Make Windows Dirty

Window Cleaning Myths: Rain Makes Your Home Windows Dirty

For anyone who still believes rain is the culprit of your dirty windows, we’re here to silence that myth.

4 Handy Winter Car Care Tips

Winter can bring havoc to car owners. From snow covered, frozen exteriors to cold, damp interiors, Winter is often the most cursed time of years fo...

Get ready for Winter because it's coming!

With Winter here be sure your car is ready with these car care tips.

Flower City Glass Windhshield Repair After Care

After Auto Glass Repair Care Blog

If you need to have your windshield repaired or replaced it’s important to know these after repair care tips.

Window Cleaning Made Easy

Window Cleaning Made Easy

Achieve a professional window cleaning look easily using 4 simple items and 3 quick steps

Tips for maintaining your windshield

A clean windshield not only makes driving easier but also safer

Window screen cleaning

Window and Door Screen Care: Part 2 Cleaning

Window and door screens get very little credit for the important role they play in keeping pests out while allowing fresh air in. Screens ensure tha

Window and Door Screen Care: Part 1 Common Screen Problems

Window and Door Screen Care:  Window and door screens get very little credit for the important role they play in keeping pests out while allowing ...

Low-E Glass for Windows

Low-e glass coatings reduce the amount of ultra-violet and infrared light that passes through glass.

hile items you hang from your review mirror may tell others a story about you, they also obstruct your view and can result in a fine.  Even though you feel you can see well and the car freshener, for example, isn’t in your view, a police officer may think

Have a clear view: why fuzzy dice are a problem

Fuzzy dice may be cool but may also lead to a ticket

Reducing direct sunlight helps keep interior cool

Sun Safety Tips for Cars

Baby it’s HOT outside!....and even hotter in your car.   With the summer months upon us the interior of our cars can reach extreme temperatures...

The Dos and Don'ts of Auto Glass Care

Taking care of your auto glass is essential for keeping it   Dos   Don'ts

sun glare on windshield Sun glare poses a tremendous driving risk no matter what time of year.  It’s easy to become instantly blinded for a moment (or more!) by the angle  of the sun.    While you can’t always avoid sun glare there are things you can do t

Tips For Reducing Sun Glare

Windshield sun glare can be dangerous. Lessen the impact of sun glare with these helpful tips.

Choosing the right shower glass

Choosing the Right Shower Glass

Whether you’re swapping out shower glass for an existing shower or doing a complete bathroom renovation, selecting the right shower glass is an i...

Preventing windshield cracks

Preventing Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks are not uncommon. There are many ways that a car or truck windshield can become cracked, though it can most often be attributed to..